Craft rascal would like to say Hello :) :)

Hello everyone in the bloggers world of blog spot im new to all this so bare with me until i figure it all out and i hope you all enjoy my blog when its finished :)

Friday, 17 June 2011

some crochet bits from the past few months

i was looking through some old crochet magazines and i found some gorgeous patterns so i decided to make this lovely strawberry hat :) its a pretty simple pattern that i hope to get on here very soon :) 

A few months ago i was looking at my life long friend rupert and was thinking he needed something extra special so i decided to crochet this little hat for him i made the pattern up as i went along so sadly cant remember how i quite did it lol but i hope you like my creation :):)

And finally more recently i spent 4 hours trying to crochet wall-e and eve eve was simple enough but wall-e was a different matter all together! i started by following a pattern for wall-e but in the end just ended up doing it from looking at a cartoon of wall-e i had, i am very pleased with the final outcome :) 
I would also like to say that if anyone is interested in any off the patterns i am happy to email you the links or write them out if they are from a magazine :)

xx Lizii xx

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

i thought as this was my first post i would introduce you to my newest family member the gorgeous Oliver

My little kitten who i fed by bottle as his mum rejected  him :( 


 Fluffy little boy 

Now some photos of him a little more grown up 

 Those teeth are like needles!
 Oliver looking very sweet
I am so proud of my little boy hes getting so big now and doing so well at one point he was given a 50/50 percent chance he was going to make it but now as you can see hes turned into a very good looking little kitty :)
Pictures our courtesy of my friend hannah and she holds all rights to them
To read more about little oliver visit